The ultimate cyber-space art.
--Peter Goddard, Toronto Star

One of the most interesting new galleries 
in this city (virtual or otherwise).

--eye magazine


Welcome! The Inflatable Museum is a gathering place for objects, performances and environments that are resigned to instability. Artists explore the structural parameters of a virtual exhibition space by contrasting flat "cyber" space with images of inflatability. 

Current Inflated Exhibits

* Denotes brand new acquisitions

  1. Secret Room by Kiss Machine *

  2. Deflating Bridezilla by Sandra Kasturi *

  3. Big TV by Flora Mcgarrell *

  4. Emboweled by Flora Mcgarrell *

  5. Happy Cow by Paul Hong and Paola Poletto *

  6. Rooster by Gregory White

  7. Inflated Titanic by Gregory White

  8. Zero Gravity by Inflatable Systems Ltd.

  9. Inflatable Room by Ana Rewakowicz 

  10. Bigger Than Life Size by Ana Rewakowicz 

  11. Interview with Ana Rewakowicz by Wendy Banks

  12. Condom Corsage by Sherwin Tjia

  13. Kitty-Chan by Shinobu Akimoto

  14. Fish Spine by Michelle Kasprzak

  15. Fart Bag by Jake Kennedy

  16. Frog Soap Dish by Paul Hong

  17. A Hypothetical Ground Rent Project by Craig Buckley

  18. Club with Knobs by Sheila Butler

  19. Crash 'n' Burn by Lucia Cipriano

  20. Scuba Shark by Jon Sasaki

  21. Murder at the Fringe by Karen McElrea

  22. Mona Lisa by Karen McElrea

  23. Plastic Galaxy by Angela Hajdu

  24. Performance by Human Faux Pas 

Secret Room
Kiss Machine 

Deflating Bridezilla 
Sandra Kasturi

Big TV
Flora Mcgarrell

Flora Mcgarrell

Happy Cow
Paul Hong and Paola Poletto 
Gregory White 
Inflated Titanic
Gregory White 
Zero Gravity 
Inflatable Systems Ltd.
Inflatable Room
Ana Rewakowicz 

Bigger Than Life Size
Ana Rewakowicz

Inflatable artist Ana Rewakowicz 
speaks to writer Wendy Banks 
about her work and the nature of inflatability. 
Condom Corsage
Sherwin Tjia
Shinobu Akimoto
Fart Bag
Jake Kennedy
Fish Spine 
Michelle Kasprzak
Frog Soap Dish 
Paul Hong

A Hypothetical Ground Rent Project 
Craig Buckley

Club with Knobs 
Sheila Butler

Crash 'n' Burn 
Lucia Cipriano

Scuba Shark 
Jon Sasaki

Murder at the Fringe  
Karen McElrea

Mona Lisa  
Karen McElrea

Angela Hajdu's Inflatable SpaceshipPlastic Galaxy 
Angela Hajdu

Human Faux Pas

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